Commercial and Residential Real Estate Legal Services


Law Offices of Barbara Katsos pic

Law Offices of Barbara Katsos

Barbara Katsos was admitted to the bar in New York and the US District Court in 1997 and has since been managing her firm, the Law Offices of Barbara Katsos. The firm’s attorneys have years of experience providing legal help in various fields of law. One field in which the firm assists its clients is residential and commercial real estate, which includes leases and the selling and purchasing of property.

Those buying, selling, or leasing a home will find that there are many legal issues involved. Understanding the laws that encompass the process can save both money and time. Making an offer, negotiating, accepting an offer, and closing a sale are just a few of the steps involved in the process of buying or selling a home. With leasing, both landlords and tenants need to carefully consider the terms of a lease before signing. Landlords need to understand how state laws affect their business, and tenants must know what rights they have.

There are many laws that regulate buying and selling a home and that govern a tenant and landlord’s relationship. An experienced attorney can help individuals to understand sales contracts and rental agreements.


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