3 Things You Need to Know about the Law Offices of Barbara Katsos


Law Offices of Barbara Katsos pic

Law Offices of Barbara Katsos
Image: katsosnylaw.com

At the Law Offices of Barbara H. Katsos P.C. in New York, NY, Barbara Katsos assists clients with a wide range of legal issues, including those related to estate planning. Listed here are three things that anyone interested in enlisting the professional services of Barbara Katsos and her team should know:

1. Along with estate planning, the firm’s attorneys offer services related to real estate matters, including property purchase and sale, leases, and co-ops and condominiums. Members of the team also have experience with family law and international business transactions.

2. Potential clients need to make an appointment to visit the firm. Individuals can schedule meetings with the attorneys by phoning, e-mailing, or submitting a message on the firm’s website at http://www.katsosnylaw.com/contact-us. A staff member will return any phone calls within one business day.

3. The firm distinguishes itself from others by employing attorneys who will honestly assess client cases, regardless of whether the outcome is positive or negative.


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