The Forms of Guardianship


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Guardianship refers to a legally defined relationship between one individual, known as a guardian, and another, known as a ward. Guardians are authorized to make decisions for the ward, who can be a minor or an adult.

The guardianship process is used when an individual is unable to make sound decisions for himself. This can be due to age-related conditions, drug or alcohol abuse, mental impairments, and physical disabilities, among others. Common forms of guardianship include:

Full guardianship: the guardian is authorized to make all decisions for the ward. Any individual eighteen years of age or older can serve as a guardian.

Limited guardianship: the ward retains a limited amount of control in decision-making. This form is often used when a ward struggles to make decisions in certain areas of life, but does well in other areas.

Conservatorship: a form of guardianship that requires greater reporting to the court. Conservatorship is often used to manage the estate of a ward, and can be used in conjunction with a guardian.