The Probate Process

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An experienced attorney, Barbara Katsos is the owner of the Law Offices of Barbara Katsos in New York, NY. In addition to real estate legal services, the firm offers comprehensive estate planning services that include assistance with wills, trusts, estate taxes, guardianship, and probate proceedings.

Probate refers to the formal legal process in which the estate of an individual is administered after his or her death, according to the wishes outlined in the will. The process includes identifying all property and assets owned by the estate, resolving any outstanding debts, and locating heirs and beneficiaries, among other work.

A court-supervised process, probate involves a personal representative who is named to oversee administration of the estate. The personal representative, often referred to as the executor, is charged with distributing assets to beneficiaries named in the will. Since probate laws vary from state to state, the personal representative is often assisted by an attorney who specializes in probate law.